We have been selling our raw material for many years, thanks to the excellent quality of the stone extracted from our quarries.


Founded in the 1930s, our firm began in the road-building sector, where it rapidly earned a respectable niche in the market, and grew over time, thanks to our excellent quality products and punctual deliveries.


For quality buildings, three essential criteria are needed: top quality stone, highly qualified labour and great technological innovation.


The external appearance of a house or a park creates additional aesthetic value for you and for the environment.

Wall stones

At our premises you’ll find several types of stones suitable for any size of wall, and on request we can also supply special dimensions.


Do you want a unique fountain? Choose a block of stone from our display and we’ll shape it to your requirements.


Our art is based on our in-depth knowledge of stone and the utter professionalism of our workers.

Granite gneiss from Lodrino

One of its distinguishing characteristics is its capacity to shine in the light.